Step into an alternate World War 2, where Germany has discovered ruins and have found an unknown energy source. Years later, an unknown alien race attacks...
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The Dark Ones have invaded. They have already claimed South America. Fight them, and keep them from destroying everything!

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PostSubject: BackStory   Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:29 am

Our story begins during the World War 2. Germany has taken over parts of once was the U.S.S.R and most of Europe. America never set foot over in Europe and focused on Japan thus leaving Germany unchecked. Germany soon discovered an unknown source of energy known as "Jewel" to power their war machine, decimating Great Britain and anyone else that stood in their way with energy-based weapons and vehicles. As more and more countries fell, America decided to try and steal some of the energy for themselves. A special-ops infiltrated a German research lab and stole a few power cells and one super solider injection. Before leaving they destroyed the facility, the Americans never could figure out the tech so it was used only in special forces units. Germany then declared war on America. Ten weeks later, with America and Germany fighting basically a arms race, the "Dark Ones" as they were called, found that the humans were fighting over their own technology. Descending upon the humans, the "Dark Ones" wrecked havoc, obliterating parts of the world and conquering others. The Americans andĀ Germans decided to cease the fighting and stand up against these invaders. So far they have been widely successful, but the world fears a worst possible outcome: That the "Dark Ones" will bring their entire race down on Earth. Only time may tell, but for now its up to the mortals to try and survive.
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