Step into an alternate World War 2, where Germany has discovered ruins and have found an unknown energy source. Years later, an unknown alien race attacks...
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The Dark Ones have invaded. They have already claimed South America. Fight them, and keep them from destroying everything!

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PostSubject: Meter   Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:52 pm

Some people might be wondering what that meter is. Well its basically a rough estimate of either:

1. How many Dark Ones are in that continent


2. How much of that continent was lost to them

If some of you are brave and willing, you may go into that continent and clear out some/all of the Dark Ones there. If you do accomplish this, you will be rewarded. If you fail? Well you will die (Most Likely)

Side Note: DO NOT go into South America. The Dark Ones have made it their base, and have set up unlimited amounts of defense. You are warned.
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